We are one of the  global leaders in both Raw Cashew nut trade as well as in blanched cashew kernels and ingredients.  We are direct sellers of Raw Cashew Nuts from Nigeria. We are capable of supplying almost 12000MT/Annum.

cashew nuts


Our Raw Cashew Nuts of Nigerian Origin is of good quality at competitive prices. We can also pack in buyers custom required packaging and deliver all shipments promptly as contracted. Should you have any inquiry, Do not hesitate letting us know.




Our 100% natural unrefined shea butter is made from carefully selected shea kernel and extracted with water to preserve all the natural goodness and skill healing properties. we produce and supply grade A shea butter made under controlled condition to produce the highest possible quality and consistency, we can offer very good price on very high-quality raw shea butter.

Based on the level of refining done and contamination present, Shea butter is now classified into five grades: A (raw or unrefined, extracted using water), B (refined), C (highly refined and extracted with solvents such as hexane), D (lowest uncontaminated grade), E (with contaminants). Commercial grades are A, B, C.

History: Shea nut butter has been used for centuries in Africa for cosmetics, fun , medicinal ,soap making and as cooking oil.Recently, it is believed that Shea butter can be used to conduct electricity. Estimated National Production: 500,000 MT annually.